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Dynamically Populated Userform

Question asked by blinkam on Feb 27, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2015 by kendall_hiles

Is there a way to add control object to a Userform using VBS? For example, I have a blank form that I would like to populate with control objects such as text or buttons based on the results of some code execution during initialization. I have done something like this in Excel VBA, with the statement Set chkBox = UserFormSelectPlan.Controls.Add("Forms.Label.1", "Label", True). I can't seem to find a VBS equivalent version of this.


Essentially what I'm trying to do is interrogate the design, return a list of changes that could be made, have the user select which changes he/she desires, and apply those changes to the design. My plan was to have that list of changes populated in a form, with check boxes that the users can select. If there is a smarter way of doing this without using forms, please let me know as well.