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Debug configuration editor crashes - Ready Start ARM 2014.12

Question asked by kkimber on Mar 4, 2015

I'm trying to understand why adding a second instance of an Ethernet driver to my BSP's platform file prevents the configuration editor from loading.  The error I get on trying to edit a configuration is:


"Could not open the editor: Fuse could not load "Debug.config". The exception returned by Fuse or the UI that loads the model is:null"


The exception call stack points to a null pointer exception in "com.mentor.embedded.nucleus.configurator.model.util.ModelBuilder.reorganizeObjectModel(Unknown Source)"


Everything works fine with my single device driver instance, I duplicated the entries in the platform file from ethernet0 the second instance and changed the device name to ethernet1, the instance label GUID and the other hardware related settings, e.g. base address etc. for the second ethernet interface.


With the second instance settings in the platform file I seem completely unable to get the configuration editor to open.


I also have a device file for the second ethernet instance in the devices folder as ethernet1.c.


Any ideas on how I can determine what's wrong - I'm hoping its something in the setup that I've missed !!