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    Multiple via under pads


      I am trying to place an array of vias under some pads (thermalpads, for example) but I do not manage to place them.

      I enable the vias under pads in the "editor control - pad entry" and with F2 key (Fan out) I manage to place one via in the center of the pad but sometimes one via is not enough.

      I have read the documentation and tried to generate a configuration file but it is not working.

      Is there a tutorial or an example that I can check in order to place the multiple vias under pads? Can I do it somehow without configuration file chosing the number of vias to be placed and their distribution (4x4, 4x2, 6x1, ...)?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hallo Sergio,


          with the following settings in the EditorControl it should work.

          * Allow via under pad

          * Allow off pad origin

          Now you can begin with the manual routing with F3. Double click to add via on a position within the pad.

          Possibly you must also fix the via!



          Please also refer to the Clearances in CES!


          I wish you success



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            Thank you for your answer, jwe. I already had those options set, my problem come when I want to place the vias. I understand that the way to do it is routing over the pad and double-click wherever I want to place a via. Is there a way to have them placed as an array (distributed in rows and columns with the same distance between them) or I have to go via by via changing the coordinates in the properties menu to place them in the correct position?


            I have a large pad and want to place a lot of vias and I have seen an option to place vias as an array in the rf toolbar but I am not able to place the vias under the pad with this tool. The parameters are very clear (origin of the array, net, type of via and distances), I fill the boxes, press apply and the vias are not placed. Could this tool be an easy way to create the array? Any idea why it is not working?


            EDIT: This is the place via tool:

            Place Via.png

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              I have no RF license and I'm still working with the old version EE7.9.4!
              With the PlaceVia dialogue is not yet possible to work with Via-Arrays.


              Maybe you need only set this DRC-Option in your xPCB-Place-Via-Dialogue?


              But you can perhaps look here: "Placing an array of vias"



              As workarround my suggestion:
              * work (temporarily) with Via-Grid,

              * place the first Via manually,
              * then select this Via and press [Strg+C] --> A copy of the selected Via is now attached to the cursor

              * click with LMB to place a new Via -> repeated several times -> end with [ESC]

              * Now you can align the Vias with the LMB in the specified grid.




              Please do not forget to fixed or locked the Vias, otherwise there are problems with Hangers!


              Best regards


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                Thank you very very much, Jo. The grid was the point I was missing. With it I can place the vias in rows and columns very easily.


                I will spend some time with the "place vias" menu later but with your solution I can do it for this design.


                Best regards,