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    Import models in Hyperlynx PI


      I have many brd files to simulate which all have the same components and the same models. Is it possible to transfer the power integrity model (my VRM and DC sinks) from one brd file to another? Or can I import/export the models?

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          Thanks for your post. I am going to move it to the Hyoperlynx community, where it will receive greater visibility among Hyperlynx users. This community is for our system design and harness products.

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            Althoug there is a formal way to re-use power model, but you still have a way to re-use VRM/Sinks setttings in other board with same components via .bud file.

            Of course, you have to do some of modification to matching Refs.


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              If I understand it right, you have many board files with same components, and same models. You intend to use same model assignments. Note that when you use different board files, you reference designators may change. You can always use the .REF file of one board to other and rename the same with corresponding board name and edit the .REF file to remap new reference designators to same models.. When it comes to power integrity, you can use the same ,QPL model file to assign models to the various capacitors and again edit the .QPL file  remap new reference designators to same models . However, when it comes to VRM and sink settings, you can certainly use the .BUD file. But, I have seldom seen the same VRM and sink settings.