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    xDx VX1 - packager


      Hello all,

      I'd like to share my experience with packager.

      I did a schematics with a connector (68 pins).

      I placed individual pins of this connector on sheet (50 and 60) manually.

      I didn't put a REF. DESIGNATOR to pin 50 of the connector - I forgot.

      I was very surprised with the result ..... after packaging my design.


      After this I realized that:

      1) If I don't place manually the ref. designator to the pin symbol the packager change the pin number !

      2) If I place the ref. designator the packager doesn't change the pin number. (this I'd expect)


      I would expect the packager doesn't change (doesn't touche) my pin number in any case!! The opposite is the true.


      Is it right behaviour?




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          This behaviour has not changed in VX.1, Packager has always worked in the way you are observing and has been discussed many times on Communities and in other forums. These are the basic requirements to ensure pin assignments stay as you intended if packaging connectors using single pin components.


          Symbol placed with pin number assigned - Provide a Reference Designator to all of the symbols AND a Frozen Package = Fix property to at least one of them. Packager will not re-package the symbol with different pin numbers.


          Or, new in 7.9.4:


          Place symbol with pin number - Assign Pkg Group property with the same unique value, the value may be any text or number string you like. This will assign the same Reference Designator to all symbols with the same value leaving the pin numbers in place.



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