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How to start Questa sim/prime disabling threads

Question asked by praveenamarapalli on Mar 10, 2015



When I am compiling a project on Grid which has lot of memory, vsim is creating lot of threads hence the compilation is failing.


Can some one please help how to start Questasim (vsim) which can run only on single thread (or disable threads option)


This project is being compiled in coordination with other tool Calypto catapult.


Compiling C++ file: ../../tb_dct_stream.cpp

# /applics/mentor/questaprime_10_1d/questa_sim/bin/sccom -g -x c++ -Wall -Wno-unknown-pragmas -DCCS_DUT_RTL -DCCS_DUT_VHDL -DCCS_SCVERIFY -DSC_INCLUDE_DYNAMIC_PROCESSES -DSC_USE_STD_STRING -DTOP_HDL_ENTITY=dct -DCCS_MISMATCHED_OUTPUTS_ONLY   -DDEADLOCK_DETECTION -I./scverify -I. -I../.. -I./scverify -I. -I../.. -I/applics/mentor/questaprime_10_1d/questa_sim/bin/../include/systemc -I/applics/calypto/catapult_8_0/Mgc_home/shared/include -I/applics/calypto/catapult_8_0/Mgc_home/pkgs/hls_pkgs/src -I/applics/calypto/catapult_8_0/Mgc_home/pkgs/siflibs -I/applics/calypto/catapult_8_0/Mgc_home/pkgs/hls_pkgs/mgc_comps_src -DUSE_STD_STRING -DSC_INCLUDE_MTI_AC  -c ../../tb_dct_stream.cpp


# QuestaSim-64 sccom 10.1d compiler 2012.11 Nov  1 2012

# ** Error: (sccom-6188) Error creating thread using pthread_create(): 'sccom_thread: EAGAIN pthread_create'. Please use sccom -nothreads.



# x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu

# make: *** [scverify/concat_sim_rtl_vhdl_msim/tb_dct_stream.cpp.cxxts] Error 11