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Header pins messed up after package

Question asked by pawel.kawula on Mar 11, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2015 by robert_davies

Hello everyone

I'm new in mentor and currently I'm facing some issues:

I have created hierarchical design:

My main board is streamer_v1 where i would like to place Block Aptina _Sensor_connector which look like bellow:

I have placed J?-1  from central library then using Array tool i have copied it 14 times because it is this connector pin count

Then i have added pin numbers using Add properties

So pins are with decreasing numeration from top to bottom

Then i have generated block symbol and then placed on the Board schematic:

All verification and checks are passed OK

And now time for package:

when i have pushed from block to schematics i was stoned what could happened:

What could I done wrong or if someone have the same issue

Best regards