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    Header pins messed up after package


      Hello everyone

      I'm new in mentor and currently I'm facing some issues:

      I have created hierarchical design:

      My main board is streamer_v1 where i would like to place Block Aptina _Sensor_connector which look like bellow:

      I have placed J?-1  from central library then using Array tool i have copied it 14 times because it is this connector pin count

      Then i have added pin numbers using Add properties

      So pins are with decreasing numeration from top to bottom

      Then i have generated block symbol and then placed on the Board schematic:

      All verification and checks are passed OK

      And now time for package:

      when i have pushed from block to schematics i was stoned what could happened:

      What could I done wrong or if someone have the same issue

      Best regards

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          Look at this post it may provide the answer xDx VX1 - packager also, how is the symbol/part defined in the library, so we can determine if there is some other issue.

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            Robert Thank You for a reply

            I'm usng Dxd 7.9.3 so I assueme there is no such a  Pkg Group

            I understand that in my block I need to define exact connector name f.g J1.

            But what if i will use few other different blocks where there are connectors named the same ??


            Any way I have named both connectors in this block - one is J1 second J2

            Added property to all pins



            Updated Block symbol. - Every time I was deleting this symbol block from top level schematics I have got CRASH

            Ok application restarted

            I have placed new block symbol and push it to schematiocs

            And another surprise now i can see two connectors named J2

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              It doesn't matter if there are connectors distributed elsewhere in the schematics provided they have the same Reference Designator they will package together (assumimg there are enough slots). Remember to add the Frozen Package property at the same time with a value of Fix, otherwise the packager will still re-assign the pins across the connectors.


              On the question about the crash, why are you deleting the block symbol? If you want to add the block to the streamer schematic place it from DxDataBook - CL View - Symbols - Local Symbols, this is where block symbols are stored after you first create them. No need to keep recreating them after you make changes to the block schematics.

              Also note that you shouldn't assign the Reference Designator if you open the 'Aptina_sensor_connector' schematic from the 'Blocks' node (as you show in your pictures) as the schematic at this point has no design context, it is just a dumb block. But, if you do decide to assign the reference designators and/or pin numbers having opened the schematic from the Blocks node, by  using the Add Properties command then select 'Block Values' instead of 'Instance values' as shown in your picture. Instance values will be removed when you add the block into your design within the design context - that is under the Boards node of the navigator.