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    Pads script to output pin-pair properties to excel



      I am looking for a .bas macro script to run in Pads that will generate an excel report of all the pin-pairs selected. It would be nice if the report would contain all the same information as in the "Pin Pair Properties" dialog including the delay, impedance and length.

      Does anyone know of a script that would accomplish something like this?


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          I had a same question and found a solution through Pads Layout Script Wizard.



          Run Pads Layout Script Wizard in Tools-Basic Scripts.

          Select Next and choose Microsoft Excel and Next, PCB-Based Report and Next.

          Then, select Connections and Next button, General Connection properties in table format and Next,

          Then, Add all Connection Properties to the right. Select Net and move up. Next.


          Make Output Report Header with "Pin-Pair Length Report" and Next.


          After Excel file created, you need to sort the file based on Net name and connection.