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    Dxdesigner Symbol editor question




      I have a question about symbol editor:


      when I click for example a capacitor in dxdesigner and look at the PKG_TYPE property on the right, it's a different value than what is shown in the symbol editor (clicking edit local symbol). Are they supposed to be un-sync? if it's true is it ok to ignore the one in symbol editor?


      Many thanks!


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          There are three levels of property that are used in DxDesigner - you will see these shown in the Properties Dialog if you select one of the properties. They are:

          Symbol Level - built in at the symbol definition in the symbol editor - may be overridden by Block and Instance levels - if allowed by the property definition

          Block Level - Assigned when placed on the schematic and modified by the user or a utility such as Packager. - applies for single instances of a schematic

          Instance Level - Modified at the instance level for multi-instanced schematics, for example you place the same block in the design twice - properties such as Reference Designators are modified for each schematic instance to keep them unique.