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    More port needs to be open?


      We are installing a Capital training enviroment for a customer but the server and client are using official license server.


      Based on the company policy, they will close unnecessary ports and then we request 1717 open. we found if all the ports opened, the Capital Manager could start sccessfully, that means Capital manager could get license, but if they close other ports but leave 1717 open, the Capital Manager could not start.


      The default port for license file is 1717, we do not change it.


      Is there any port should be open to start Capital Manager?



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          Do you have a seconday port defined in your license file on the VENDOR line? The way the license manager works is the initial request comes in over port 1717 but the reply granting the license comes over the secondary port which if not defined in the license file is picked randomly by the system. To resolve the issue select a port that is not already used and not pre-defined by the system enter it at the end of the VENDOR line in the license file then restart the license manager for it to take effect. Make sure this secondary port is also open via the firewall. This should resolve the issue. For more details see the flexlm user guide section on license files.