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how to implement hetero symbols across multiple sheets?

Question asked by on Mar 17, 2015
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I'm new to Hetero device and setups. How do I implement multiple Hetero symbols across sheets?


I attached my sheet hierarchy setup. Basically I have splitted up a device by 6 parts, put each of them into a,b,d,e,g, where a,b,d,e contains 1 and g contains 2 of them.


the symbols have same device name: pef98035et_v13

the symbols have same HETERO : pef98035et_v13_A,pef98035et_v13_B,pef98035et_v13_C,pef98035et_v13_D,pef98035et_v13_E,pef98035et_v13_F

the rest of the properties are same.


when I try to forward it to PCB with tools -> PCB interface, I got a bunch of 6091 error from which it seems that the last 2 parts recognized each other since they are in the same sheet, while none of the rest does.


example of error:

Error 6091: top com $1I228\$1I247\$1I1\$1I2242 Symbol FALCON_PEF98035A_V113:PEF98035ET_V13_B missing for hetero device PEF98035ET_V13


I assume I'm missing something for the cross-sheet setup.