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    Dxd customized Sheet borders doesnt comes in Schematic


      Hi Experts,


      I created few customized sheet borders (did not modified sample mentor borders, created completely new) in the DxD library and made the symbol parameter as like below


      LIbrary Tree:


      Kept the bounded box as very small and placed it near the border origin, For some reasons my borders doesn't comes in schematic under "Border and zones". I can view it in Dxdatabook and I can place it from there as like a "symbol". All I need is to insert them as border


      Any help?



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          What size drawing sheet did you create? Does it match the size expected by the tools? If the size is different then create a 'Custom' sheet size in the Borders and Zones dialog (the Add button at the bottom of the list) and try assigning one of your custom border symbols to this sheet.

          The other way round this is to add the border to the configuration file manually, this is usually called borders.ini but you can check on what file you're using by looking at the Project settings from Setup -Settings and looking at the Border symbols entry.

          Then open this referenced file in a text editor and add your border symbol to the sheet size you are using, for example:








          Here I have a custom sheet 10 inches x 10 inches shown as 1000x100SHEET and I have associated a custom sheet border symbol 10x10.1 from the Borders library. The A1SHEET has the Mentor supplied a1sheet..1 symbol associated with it.

          If you still can't get this to work are you able to send one of your sheet border symbols to Mentor for evaluation? Either via customer support or directly to me (robert_davies@mentor.com)

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            Hi Robert,


            Thanks a lot! Its working!


            drawing size are fine, I just kept bounded outline inside the border so I moved it out. Once its done, its pop out in the border and zones window.


            I tried to add big borders and followed your instruction and its working.