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Calibre - PEX pre-trigger issue

Question asked by jjang3 on Mar 31, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2015 by jjang3

Hi everyone,


I have recently started using Calibre PEX and have faced this issue and I just cannot figure out how to fix this issue.


Everything from Calibre DRC and LVS is working perfectly. However, when I try to run PEX, this statement as shown below pops up and I cannot figure out why it is happening:




I have tried following to fix this problem:

1) Check to make sure that $MGC_HOME and $CALIBRE_HOME is setup properly

2) Check the environment setup like this:

3) Make sure $PATH is properly setup

4) Check pre-trigger itself



One thing I was able to noticed was that if I remove the phrase "pre_reduction", PEX runs, but returns wrong result. So... it seems like this phrase "pre_reduction" is the issue, but I really am out of ideas of how to fix this problem.



If anyone can give me any kind of suggestions (and I mean any), please do so.


Thank you very much,