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    (AppendOutput) "xDX Designer" ==> xPCB (DisplayMessage) - Different!


      In xDX Designer exists the comfortable command AppendOutput which can create a User-Tab with Usermessages.


      I need the same Functionality in xPCB. But I only found DisplayMessage. This command has 2 bad characteristics...

      1) When the User had closed the Message Window, occurs a Windows MessageBox on Screen which must be handled (it forces an action from the User)

      2) It cannot create a UserTab in the Message Window.


      1 ==> is not acceptable

      2 ==> is bad!


      Is there really no command in xPCB like that in xDX Designer??

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          This is what I use in AATK and it checks for the Message Window status and makes new user tabs.



          ' Configure Output Tabs in Expedition
          Function AppendOutput(sOutputTab, str)
              Dim mnu, OutputControl, objTab
              Set mnu = pcbApp.Gui.CommandBars("Document Menu Bar").Controls("&View").Controls("Message Window")
              If mnu.Checked = False Then
                  Call pcbApp.Gui.ProcessCommand(33125)
              End If

              Set OutputControl = pcbApp.Addins.Item("Message Window").Control
              Set objTab = OutputControl.AddTab(sOutputTab)
              Call objTab.Activate
              pcbApp.Addins("Message Window").Control.AddTab(sOutputTab).AppendText (str & vbCrLf)
          End Function


          Function ClearOutputWindow(sOutputTab)
              Addins("Message Window").Control.AddTab(sOutputTab).Clear
          End Function