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Geometry Heights

Question asked by brucen on Apr 8, 2015
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Hello All,


What determines what PADS Layout uses as an attribute to form a 3D Geometry Height view?  Our library decals are built with a shape on "Assembly Drawing Top" which is the actual size of the component.  We also have a shape on Layer 20 that encloses the entire outer most feature of the component, be it SMD pads/PTH or the body outline.  This is used as a placement guide when placing parts.  This is given a slight margin of clearance to the actual shape.  PADS Layout uses this shape on Layer 20 to make the 3D view.  The problem is that it's larger than the actual part and it may show parts overlapping.  How can I change what is used for 3D to the Assembly Drawing shape, which is more representative of the actual size?