Eldo 13.2 is now supported with HLA in VX.1

Discussion created by Gary_Lameris on Apr 10, 2015

With the xDX Designer VX.1 release for both Xpedition and PADS; Eldo 13.2 is now supported.  There are a number of great enhancements in this release over the previous supported release including:

  • Many enhancements to EZWave including horizontal and slope cursors
  • A .power_analysis option that calculates the power consumed by each component.  There's no GUI for this yet, but just add .power_analysis as an additional command.
  • Simpler FFT calculations
  • Even faster simulations
  • Improved convergence algorithms


Check out the release notes for EZWave and Eldo and have fun simulating!  (Look at the release notes for version 12 too as this version was skipped for HLA)

  • EZwave13_2_cursors.jpg