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IE3D Capacitor Simulation in Shunt RC model

Question asked by ruscino on Apr 13, 2015

Dear Sirs, I simulate a simple capacitor with plates of 4x2 mm and 5um of dielectric (dielectric constant=3.8).

The 2-port PI with Shunt RC and Shunt RC model give me a correct value of 54 pf but R is 22987 Ohm.


I simulated the capacitor  from 10 MHz to 100 MHz frequency range.

I tried to simulate the capacitor with different TanD(E).

The R values between two capacitor plates are (@ 10 MHz):

TanD(E)=0.05 R=5780 Ohm

TanD(E)=0.001 R= 163380 Ohm

TanD(E)=0 , so no dielectric loss , R=360000 Ohm


Why R is so low? I expected a more high value.

What is R in Shunt RC model?