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    Bundle end to connector in Harness, best way in Vesys?



      I am trying to figure out how to get the wire lengths work with different types of connectors in harness drawings.



      Smaller connectors shouldn't be a problem, but we use also connectors that can fit different backshells, long connectors where the wires can go in three different directions and really big ones that need longer wires for the outer pins.



      I have found the default add on in the database but im not sure what it refers to, it's also a fixed value and cannot be changed for different backshells or direction of the wires leaving the connector.



      Where on the connector are the vesys node point referring to? Is there a standard?



      The style of harness drawing used by Vesys is new to me, I have used a variant where we split into each cavity on the connector and can set different lengths to each wire ( see lower part of att. pic.)



      My question is basically how to set up this so the node point is common between connectors and and still be flexible with "wierd" connectors.