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    PADS Logic VX.1


      Company received email from Mentor that dual licensing for xDX Designer and PADS Logic was being removed with new part number for Logic and to request new license file. This is in order for Mentor to more accurately track product usage. So does this mean for the future of PADS Logic?

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          I think it is yet one more sign that PADS Logic soon will go away - regardless what Mentor Graphics says.

          They will cancel PADS Logic - just as they have done with the schematic capture packages for BoardStation and Expedition.

          In my opinion it is bad. PADS Logic is much easier to use than xDxDesigner.

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            It was certainly not our intent to convey any negative message about the future of PADS Logic.  We understand that there are many, many users of PADS Logic who value it for its simplicity and capabilities.  In PADS VX.1, we are attempting to better understand our PLogic user base so that we may use that information to better align our support and product configurations.


            We understand that there is some pain involved in the current process to acquire a PADS Logic license and apologize for this inconvenience.  We are looking at methods to improve this and will communicate shortly on a potential solution.  Thanks for you loyalty to the PADS product.  Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions or concerns.



            Jim Martens

            PADS Product Marketing Manager

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              Mentor’s decision to remove dual licensing was done with the best intentions (to better understand the usage of our schematic capture products), but we did not fully understand the impact this would have on many of you.  We have listened to you, our customers, and reversed this decision. Affected customers have received the following email:


              Mentor had previously communicated that with PADS VX.1 we were removing dual licensing from xDX Designer 040 and 050, and PADS Logic and migrating these products to new part numbers.  The feedback we received from you, our customers, highlighted how painful this migration would be to you and many of
              your internal processes. So in an effort to be responsive to your concerns, we will not remove dual licensing, and will return your site configurations to the original part numbers.  You may download PADS VX.1 and your new license file from SupportNet at your convenience.


              PADS Logic is available as a standalone download on SupportNet. For details please see TechNote 589608 on SupportNet.


              If you have any questions, please contact Global Support and Services by opening a Service Request on SupportNet.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.  We appreciate your patience, and thank you for using Mentor products and support.




              Jim Martens


              PADS Product Marketing Manager


              Mentor Graphics Corporation