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    VX1 - 3D model format


      Hello all,

      can somebody help me with this task?


      I was used to draw e.g. a box in Sketchup software and exported it to the STL format and imported to the 3D viewer - it worked fine.


      But in the current release VX1 is not possible to import the STL format either. Is possible to import only formats asat, sat, step, stp, xtda.


      Is there some trick to be able to easily import the STL format?


      Does exist any free small utility to convert the STL model to VX1 3D tool?


      Many thank for any clue


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          Hi Martin,

          take a look to InStep to convert STL to STEP. In the past the "free" mode was limited to 3000 faces. I don't know if is still true.

          Anyhow the basic version is cheap ( $25 )
          You can try to find the original freeware version STL2STEP. I think that is still available somewhere.