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ARM CodeBench license issue: "no such feature exists"

Question asked by yabaud on Apr 15, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2015 by james_patterson

I bought a license for our new build server (VM running Win7 Ultimate on VMWare Workstation 10.0.4) and installed it via the

Sourcery CodeBench IDE (Version: 2014.05-36). The IDE accepted the license but when running the ARM compiler, following

error occurs (see error.txt):


No such feature exists.

Feature: gcc_ARM_EABI


The license path is correct and the host id is correctly detected too. The license contains following entries


INCREMENT armsptarmeabi mgcld 2016.030 3-sep-2015 0 7ED65672676DD8C05ECA \

    VENDOR_STRING=56B123DF HOSTID=000c297ed211 SN=48048790 SIGN2="194A \

    8BAB 7955 C18F 69F7 10F6 D6C4 E57E 5A86 6923 E199 0E86 C60A 9AE5 E085 \

    0138 1DBD F2DE 202B B0A1 D44C FA43 D84E 1216 30AE D853 4C51 0BC6 3354 \


INCREMENT gccarmeabi mgcld 2016.030 3-sep-2015 0 0ED6C6D2D8916DCC435F \

    VENDOR_STRING=504278E8 HOSTID=000c297ed211 SN=48048789 SIGN2="161A \

    2DB2 0301 EDE6 F2AB 1A97 B866 7479 1DD7 536A 4C58 C9A7 814B 31D0 B11B \

    070E 95BE 4136 A8CD 3E0E 2EFF CC78 6C74 0A7D AE72 3592 BFBF F7BE DEEF \


INCREMENT idearmeabi mgcld 2016.030 3-sep-2015 0 3E66B6D2A38BD662ABCA \

    VENDOR_STRING=51524892 HOSTID=000c297ed211 SN=48048788 SIGN2="0C67 \

    FE19 1909 7B43 7250 9D00 C749 AAE2 21BF 4C39 CC76 330D CDE4 881F C7DA \

    07E4 6138 61D5 8995 57C1 62E0 815A E1A6 6AA6 1B73 24E4 ED76 93F2 7CF3 \


INCREMENT scbmultilibs mgcld 2016.030 3-sep-2015 0 6E0626424DAA51A75D30 \

    VENDOR_STRING=0630CFBA HOSTID=000c297ed211 SN=48048791 SIGN2="07E3 \

    3089 2695 2A09 5A7F 5B0B 70CD 76E0 AE46 EFB2 8029 EA15 96AD 1082 E3CE \

    07F0 9293 1A60 B19E DDB4 FE13 C489 451D 7A82 778A 1052 F4B7 45D9 760D \



Why am I getting this error message?


Any help or hint much appreciated, I've been struggling 3 weeks on this and Mentor's support

couldn't help so far.