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Extracting Parts From a Schematic

Question asked by oallaire on Apr 16, 2015
Latest reply on May 6, 2015 by peter_festesen

Hi, I would like to write a script to extract all parts of schematic (RefDes, Part Name, etc.) and also the Nets connected to this part? Any pointers on how to do this?


I have read the threads in this space and it is very difficult to find tutorials and help. Links that are hosted by mentor graphics seem to be depricated (page not found and such). The examples in the help of DxDatabook are not helping me with what I'm looking to achieve.


Finally, I downloaded AATK sources, but couldn't find what I need in there. Maybe I missed something because I am looking at the scripts with Notepad++ because I failed to find a way to edit scripts using DxDesigner. Open only seems to let you run an efm, not edit it.


Thanks in advance for helping me!