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    Single terminal end on the Wire table






      I am starting to use VeSyS and I do not know how the single terminals must be entered. How a single terminal (ring) must be entered?



      Currently, the terminals I used on harness do not appear on the wire table within the drawing.






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          One way to do it, is to make a "dummy" connector in the database.



          Make a one pin connector and tick the box "Exclude from bill of material" and then assign the terminals.



          For ring terminals you need to make one dummy part for each hole size, but it will automatically select the right terminal for the wire gauge.



          Since you ticked the exclude from bill of material you will only see the terminal in the BOM.



          There might be other ways to do it also.



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            A simple way to do it is to add the Terminal to a Connector table.







            method described by Swedeborn is a really good one for using the VeSys

            automatic terminal selection to pick earth eyelets/ring terminals.  Basically what you are doing is creating a dummy connector (that is excluded from the BOM) that has a range of eyelets/ring terminals assigned, what I normally do for this is assign a Connector Part number such as 1/4" Eyelet with all of the real eyelets/ring terminals suitable for various Wire Gages listed as 'Assigned Terminals'.  The really useful thing here is that if you increase the Wire Gage the appropriate terminal will automatically be selected.



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              How about if you have multiple wires going to the same ground point, for instance (5) 16 Ga wires and (1) 12 Ga wire. is there a way for Vesys to display multiple wire codes in a single connector block .






              e.g  wires 15,16,17,18,19,20  all going to connector C1



              Also can Vesys calulate multiple wires and give an OD of the multiple wire conductors?















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                You can put all of the wires in one cavity of the connector table or you could have several cavities all of the same name (i.e. 1).



                VeSys will calculate if it is possible to fit all of the wires into the terminal but it will not report the total OD. 



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                  I neglected to mention that you can right click on an existing Pin/Cavity and select 'Add Duplicate' this is a really useful feature quickly adding multiple Pins/Cavities of the same name - especially useful for putting multiple wires in the same ground point without cluttering the table.