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Rename Layers via CES Stackup - Editor

Question asked by michel.boettner on Apr 22, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2015 by agxinmj

Hey Guys,


I would like to add and rename some of my layers.

Since today, I hadnt any problems with it so I just went to the CES steckup editor and added 2 new layers to my stackup.

so far so good, for sure the new names dosnt match to my stackup and so i tryed to rename the layers (SIGNAL_4 -> SIGNAL_5) but i wasnt alowed to rename the last layer. (the midlayers worked well)

on the right side (where i can see the stackup picture) a red massage came up: "Metal layers cannot be added before the first metal layer or after the last metal layer"

maybe someone know this issue and could help me out.


thanks and have a nice day (: