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PADS VX.1 with PartQuest

Question asked by jim_martens on Apr 22, 2015
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PADS VX.1 is now released, with beta support for PartQuest - our web portal with integration into Digi-Key's catalog of components with over 4 million parts!


PartQuest allows engineers to search, research, and purchase parts for your designs.  Many of these parts are populated with schematic symbols, footprints, and parametric data, which can be downloaded directly to your xDX Designer and PADS libraries, accelerating design starts.


PartQuest has been used with Designer Schematic and Layout since last November. With PADS VX.1 we have introduced integration with PADS net list projects with or without xDX DataBook.



Checkout the website at  There is a video on the homepage that gives an overview, and additional videos to help you get started using the site on the PartQuest Community at


Be sure to post your feedback and comments back here on this forum!