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    Partlister case sensitive?


      Is there a way to get partlister to NOT be case sensetive? It's seems real absurd that Verification is case insensetive, while partlister is case sensitive! We turned on lower case for ITAR & EAR classifications (which MUST be mixed case), now we find out partlister seperates items with mixed case from items with upper case.

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          Presuming you are referring to the Part Lister in DxDesigner, then no there isn't a switch for this. You should request an enhancement for this via the Ideas site: POST data


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            Which Verification? DxDataBook? Maybe those fields are set to annotate but not load, if they aren't loaded during the verification step the values aren't compared thus they "match" regardless of case or actual value.


            What data is case sensitive? Property names, property values?  10m is different from 10M and I would expect them to be separated. Which columns do you have set as Primary? How do you have other columns set for Display? And many more questions. This issue would be better served as an Service Request to Customer Support. We may be able to get your partlist to look like you want even though it doesn't directly do what you want.