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    Warning 3D import readjusted dimension


      After importing a 3D XML file from Creo into VeSys 2.0 Harness Design the following warning was generated in the bridge report:

      Length value is less than minimum allowed bundle length value 845.0.  Positions of OT-80642,N4029 are re-adjusted


      What does this warning message mean?  Why would the node positions need to be re-adjusted?


      3D Bridge question.PNG

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          Dear Brian Schubert,


          When the length value of the bundle in external is less than the value present in the Vesys, then the length value will be synched and the reference node components present on the bundle offsets will be calculated accordingly.


          For an example.

          If my vesys or capital has the following bundle with the length 150 and the spot tape N28 at offset 40 from the start node N25.

          If my external length of the bundle is coming as 50, on sync the bundle length will become 50 and for the spot tape N28 the offsets are calculated accordingly.


          Please let me know if this answers your question.