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How can you change PDF bookmark names?

Question asked by oallaire on Apr 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2020 by frank.h

Hi, I could use some help on this. I found how to order pages properly in the PDF when using hierarchical design flow.


However, the bookmarks of the generated PDF only seems to use a concatenation of the @Name property and some sheet order.


Here is a snippet what it looks like on a pdf:



This is confusing for someone reading the PDF because the name is the same for all 3 instances of the block. It is also confusing because the name of the bookmark does not match with the title block. In my case, the @Path property of HSEC ECDP Configuration Sheet 1 (4) is set to High Speed Cable 1 and the reader will see High Speed Cable 1 in the title block.


What I would like is to see something like this:

so-s750-00008-00 Sheet High Speed Connectors (3)

|-High Speed Cable 1

|-High Speed Cable 2

|-High Speed Cable 3


This would be similar to what I see in the Navigator:



Thanks in advance for the help! Solving this issue would make my PDF so much clearer