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Gerber Engine

Question asked by ashkolnik on Apr 30, 2015
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Hi All ,

I have a problem with RunGerber.vbs that you all have in ... \SDD_HOME\standard\examples\pcb\Automation\AutoProEngines\

i am trying to use it(the script) as is .

See figure below :


i checked what GerberD-Codes.dac on right place more over in Gerber Setup file (.gpf) the path of GerberD-Codes.dac is also on right .

i think that the problem are in something else .

1.What it can be ?


Please compare :

oGerberEngine.SetupFileName = jobConfigPath + "Gerber_4_layers.gpf"

oGerberEngine.GerberPlotSetupFile = jobConfigPath + "Gerber_4_layers.gpf"


2.What the diff ?


GerberPlotSetupFile mentioned in :


This method doesn't exist !


Please suggest !


*** i read all post about it and i didn't saw any correct solution .