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Export DxDesigner project to Altium

Question asked by massimo on May 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2017 by massimo

Hi all,

I need to export DxDesigner schematic project (version flow Id: IND 7.9) into Altium suite because PCB designer guy doesn't have Mentor suite for pcb.

Using our current DxDesigner project, Altium cannot generate schematic (sheet is empty), while using an "old" DxD project (pre-iCDB project made with DxDesigner 2005) is correctly imported into Altium suite.


One difference between project folder structure is the subfolder [SCH] : into "old" DxD project there is a file (example.1) which is referred to schematic sheet, while into the project made with DxD of suite IND 7.9 there is only a file with extension .OAT. Another difference between the structures of 2 Dxd projects is the subfolder [database], which is not present in the "old" DxD project. I think that DxD stores informations of schematic in the database file.


Anyone has experience about migration into Altium  ?


Best regards.