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    Pads Layout 9.5 split planes


      I inherited a layout that had 2 planes on a layer. I am trying to add one more plane area.

      Originally the layer was defined as "no plane". The two power planes on it were defined as

      "plane hatch outline".

      I created a new "copper pour" initially and could not get it to fill with the hatch or flood options.

      I then set the layer as a "split/mixed" and defined the nets that connect to it.

      The two planes I inherited are still "plane hatch outline" and still flood just fine.

      The new one which is now set as a "plane area" still will not flood or hatch.

      I have been through the tutorial and searched google.

      I may not have given enough information here for anyone to tell me how to get the new plane area to flood.

      If not please ask and I will answer.

      If you know what I have done wrong please let me know.

      Thank you


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          It is shard to so say for sure what is happening without seeing the database. Nevertheless I suggest to use the other two shapes representing other two voltages as a template.


          You already assigned that layer to be Split/Mixed plane. Follow below steps:


          1. Change to layer in question to be an active layer

          2. Decide what is the voltage that will be the dominant one

          3. Select Board Outline as a shape

          4. RMB (right mouse button) and select 'Create Plane Area'. This will create a plane area mimicking the board Outline

          5. From next dialog select a Net for this plane shape it will belong to

          6. From Drafting Toolbar select icon 'Plane Area' and start creating inside the plane are you just created new plane shape using older plane as a template. It will automatically auto separate from another plane. Assign Net the the new Plane area.

          7. Repeat step 6 process for the third plane are.

          8. Delete older shapes representing two older nets


          If you still having a problem, contact Customer Support


          Regards, Yan

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            Took a couple tries but it seems to have worked.

            I will save it and reopen it to see if it stays correct.


            Thank you!