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Pads Layout 9.5 split planes

Question asked by trayman on May 5, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by trayman

I inherited a layout that had 2 planes on a layer. I am trying to add one more plane area.

Originally the layer was defined as "no plane". The two power planes on it were defined as

"plane hatch outline".

I created a new "copper pour" initially and could not get it to fill with the hatch or flood options.

I then set the layer as a "split/mixed" and defined the nets that connect to it.

The two planes I inherited are still "plane hatch outline" and still flood just fine.

The new one which is now set as a "plane area" still will not flood or hatch.

I have been through the tutorial and searched google.

I may not have given enough information here for anyone to tell me how to get the new plane area to flood.

If not please ask and I will answer.

If you know what I have done wrong please let me know.

Thank you