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    Run PartQuest from within PADS Layout DX.1


      I am trying to use PartQuest within PADS Layout to download decals from Digikey. This feature worked when I first installed the DX.1 release. It has stopped working. Now when I open PADS > Tools and click on Import PartQuest Parts, I get a Windows Script Host error message box shown below. Any suggestions as to where to start fixing this?






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          The import utility script can't find your WDIR.  Verify the WDIR_PADSVX_1 environment variable points to a valid location. 


          If this doesn't correct the problem, the open a command window and type

               SET >set.txt


          This creates a file of your environment variables. 

          Email set.txt to partquest_feedback@mentor.com

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            Please try opening PADS Layout from Start > Programs > PADS VX.1 (32-bit) > Latyout & Routing > PADS Layout VX.1 rather than using any desktop icons. If PADS is started from a custom shortcut or from a pinned taskbar icon while the program was running this can cause the error you are seeing.  PADS Layout needs to be launched so that the "wrapper" utility makes it aware of environment variable items like the WDIR directory.  Please see technote MG586027 for more information:  https://supportnet.mentor.com/portal?do=reference.technote&id=MG586027


            If you would like to create a desktop icon or shortcut pinned to the Task bar do the following:

            1. Go to Start > Programs > PADS[version] > Layout and Routing
            2. Right mouse click on the entry for PADS Layout, choose Send To from the pop-up menu and select Desktop (Create Shortcut)
            3. If you would like PADS Layout pinned to the task bar drag the newly created desktop icon onto the task Bar while PADS is not running
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              In the directory specified by WDIR_PADSVX_1, typically C:\PADS Projects is another sub-directory called PartQuest.


              In this folder is a file called PartQuest.ini which specifies the location of the Dropbox directory.

              Verify the 4th line is the correct location of the dropbox folder.  See my example location below (Your location will be different)


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                In C:\PADS Projects, which is the folder WDIR_PADSVX_1 points to, there is PartQuest folder containing a PartQuest.ini file. The fourth line of the path in the PartQuest.ini file does correctly identify the location of the Dropbox folder as DropboxFolder=C:\Users\Carl_PS\Dropbox\Apps\PartQuest\PADS_Netlist. I’ve been successfully downloading part data from PartQuest, so I think I’m good to go. Thanks again for your help.





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