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    Schematic Variant:Replace part..




      We use dxdesigner and DMS database for schematic capture. We want to create variants. Removing component is easy. However, replacing component needs Library Data source configuration files(*.dbc). At Setting>Library Query Setup, I want to create and establish library connection with DMS database. I am not able to so. Can anyone help?

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          Hello, I don't know what do you mean, but if you want to open the DataBook


          sub OpenDxDataBook()

          Set addin = launchAddin("DxDataBook.AddCtrl.1", "DxDataBook", "", 3, "")


            If Not (addin Is Nothing) Then



             If Not addinObj.Visible Then

              MsgBox "Addin not visible, DxDataBook will be started"

             End If


             addin.Visible = visible


            end if

          End sub


          Function launchAddin(progID, localName, associatedScript, defaultPlacement, shortcutKey)
          ' launch an Addin if it's not already running
          Dim toolBarMenu: toolBarMenu = False
          Dim quiet: quiet = True
          Dim groupName: groupName = ""

          Set launchAddin = alreadyLoaded(localName)

          If launchAddin Is Nothing Then
          ' add it to the addins collection, which will launch it
            MsgBox "Addin not loaded, Variant manager will be started, this may take a while..."
            Set launchAddin = Addins.Add(progID, localName, associatedScript, defaultPlacement, shortcutKey, groupName, quiet, toolbarMenu)
            If launchAddin Is Nothing Then
             Msgbox "Addin not created."
            End If
          End If

          End Function