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    VeSys Dressed Connectors


      I'm trying to use a dressed connector for the connector shown above. But I cannot seem to set different routes for each section of cavities. I'm working in VeSys Harness. Is it possible to do this? There is no standard "Add On" or "Knock Off", if varies as you proceed through the connector.

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          This works the same for both VeSys Harness and HarnessXC.


          First, different bundle paths to the connector have to be drawn in the design, for each needed route.  A rectangle will highlight the connection entry point for the subsequent routes


          After the bundle is drawn, a popup window will prompt the user to write in the route code (this code must match the one used in the library)


          Second, the route path for the wire must be selected within its details in the Edit Wires window


          Finally, for length calculation accuracy, the connector wire knock-off and add-on values must exist in the components library, for each connector part number that requires multiple routes.


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