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Backdrill to a given distance instead of given layer

Question asked by milostnik on May 14, 2015

Hello folks,


In a backplane backdrill is used to drill back from the bottom to as much as possible.

In this case we have a 10 layer backplane. The useful signal exits at layer 2, and it would be natural to drill back from bottom to the 2 layer minus the safety distance defined by the drillsetback value.

on the other hand the manufacturer of the connector tells us to keep at least 1.0mm of copper barrel.

We know that the layer 2 is in this distance, but so is also layer 3 and more.


Using the setback value we can only reference it to a layer, what we are looking for is a absolute value from top, even though the drill starts from bottom.


Does anyone know how to define the backdrill config file to accomodate this kind of rule?


Many thanks