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issue in Library part creation in pads logic ??

Question asked by k.r.kabaleeswaran on May 18, 2015
Latest reply on May 18, 2015 by jduquette

Hi everyone,

i created CAP part type which contain CAP_0402 and  Alternative part  is CAP_0603.For CAP_0402 symbol i assigned 0402_1 and For CAP_0603 symbol i assigned 0603 decal.

while importing netlist i got error in my design.i assigned pin mapping also even i could not get any not possible assign the decal for alternate part ??


PCB Net List Errors Report - Training1.sch - Mon May 18 18:54:46 2015


Design to Library Part Consistency Check


Part Type CAP has the following gate pins that do not match to the Library part:

(1 0) (2 0).

Non matching Part Type CAP is used by the following parts: C1 C2.


Single/Zero Pin Net Warnings


No single or zero pin nets.



Schematic Connectivity Errors


No connectivity errors or warnings.


1,i need to assign decal for alternate symbol also  is not possible ?? please check image file

what is the meaning for (1 0) (2 0) if it is pin mapping means i assigned pin mapping 1 for 1 and 2 for 2.