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Issues in Stack up Editor

Question asked by ishara0925 on May 25, 2015

Hi all,

Following two images are from two Hyperlynx 9..2 instances running on two different computers. But for the same stackup values separations for the same widths are different. What could be the cause for this ?


Stackups in Hyper lynx instances :

stackup in Hyperlynx computer 1.png

Stackup in computer 1

stackup in Hyperlynx computer 2.PNG

Stack up in computer 2


For the same values in xPCB 9.2 , separation values are same in the two computers. But they are different from Hyperlynx values. A screenshot is  attached below.


Stack up in xPCB computer 1

stackup in xPCB computer 1.png


Thank you