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    It is very frustating...


      I'm trying to write a script to create new version of a existing schematic project in DxDesign 9.4.

      I have tryed everything. It is very frustating that something as simple as  "save as"  or "rename" doesn't exist any more.

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          You should be able to create a copy of a project with a different .prj (and .pcb) file name with the job managment wizard

          It should be under "Mentor Graphics SDD" in all programs (if you have expedition PCB installed)

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            Thank  you Mattias, what I want is to creat a script in order to automatize the process of step up  revision of a existing schematic project.

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              Hi Mattias, I moved your question to the Xpedition Automation & Scripting sub-community where it may get a quicker answer. Best regards, Cathy

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                You can write scripts to do a lot of the stuff you want. 


                1. Copy the entire project directory from an existing project to a new directory.

                2. Change the names of the .prj and .pcb files.

                3. Edit the .pcb file to reference the new project filename

                4. Edit the borders.ini file to change the sheet property objects with revisions, if you use them that way in the schematic sheets.

                5. If you use Drawing Editor for drawings, you can also edit the files that can be used for all title block properties. 


                There are a few weaknesses in the Job Management wizard.  Since there is no common standard for where in the database file structure you keep your Fablink and Drawing Editor data, there is no way for it to know where these files are and how to change their names. And although it's technically possible to open Fablink and Drawing Editor and go through each placed board/panel object and re-reference them with scripts, it's almost easier for the user to do that manually. 


                So it's a partial solution, but it's not comprehensive and there is no easy way for it to do everything to make an entire design database ready to go, with all the internal links complete and correct.