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How to add 3D models to cells in CENTRAL library?

Question asked by lgalantai on May 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2018 by ronny.graumann

Hi everyone!


I'd like to add a 3D model to a cell in the central library, but I can't find the way how. If I simply open the cell editor, select a component, click edit graphics, there is an option in the window drop down menu "Add 3D view", thus I can assign a 3D model from M3DL to the selected component. This works fine, just it only assigns the model to the local library, and when I open the cell editor in xDM library tools (central library) I do not have this option, so when I open a new project I have to do it again and again for every component. It would be great, to manage this through the central library, so the 3D models would appear automatically in every new project too. In the layout design if I go to 3D->Models->Update models it writes "No 3D model library available!", I thought the M3DL library should show up there as a "central" (?) 3D library, or do I have to create a model library myself? Please help me solve this issue.


Best regards from Hungary!