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    Wire colour doesen't appear correctly in Vesys Harness


      Hi everyone!



      I had to reinstall Vesys 2.0 today. After that I made a new project, and from the project a harness design. But in the harness design the wire colours are wrong. I don't know what caused this, or how is it possible, because I've used the original style set (didn't import the former one), and I remember, last time I installed Vesys this problem didn't occur (with the original style sets). In the firs picture you can see, the cavity wire table shows every wire colour as black or even shows primary and secondary colours (these are wrong of course) every wire I used in this design has only one colour, what I defined in the Component Library.


      The second picture shows the wire as a component, Wire colour defined as M-Re:


      I've defined the colour too, it was normally done inside component library (colour codes, 3. picture):


      And finally the settings for the Decoration sets inside the table set dialog (picture 4):


      I don't see the problem here, but it still doesen't show the correct colourt in the Cavity table.
      Please help me solve this problem!


      Best regards from Hungary!

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          I solved the color problem a few weeks ago, just I didn't have the time, to write it down jet.

          So the main problem was about my predefined color names. I recognized in the wiring diagram, that the wires have a primary color of "M", but this color doesn't exist in my color codes, but my predefined color codes were all "M-Bl", "M-Rd" etc. so it seemed, VeSys doesn't support dash mark in color codes, and of course that was the problem. So if you are defining colors your own, don't use a dash mark, I hope this will be helpful for someone.