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NC Symbol

Question asked by greg.hall on Jun 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2015 by robert_davies

Using Expedition Flow, both 7.9.1 and VX version. (problem is the same in both)


We have created an NC schematic symbol as per Technote MG527127.


Now when the this is used on schematic designs (DxDesigner) - the nets that it connects to are not listed in CES and are allocated to net0.


Although the NC pin on (for example) a connector are not connected we still want to allocate them a netname and netclass as they have to obay creepage/clearance rules within the design.


How do we ensure that our NC pins don't flag a verify warning (reason for adding NC symbol), but that they appear in CES so that we can allocate the net the correct netclass?


(Note that it is probable that we have several NC pins on a design and these will have to be allocated different netclasses, if they are all in net0 then can only allocate 1 netclass to all net0 nets (if this is possible))