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    Part substitution by a custom property/attribute


      My company is looking into migrating to xDX Designer from PADS Logic. I have been assigned to translate company's libraries and schematics to the Integrated Flow. I have translated the old libraries to the Central Library format and a schematic to the Integrated Flow.


      I am asking if it is possible to substitute the local components in the imported schematic to parts in the Central Library by matching a certain component property. Are there features to do this? Each of our part in library has a unique part number in the properties. We are planning to refactor and rename our libraries and gradually move to Integrated Flow. Substituting the part by name would not work in the future and manual substitution would be too much work.


      Thank you

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          You may be able to do the substitutions with xDX Databook.  Databook will not change the schematic symbols, but applying the correct load filters, can change the part in the design universally.  In xDX Databook configuration, the Load button compares the property, and the Annotate button is used to add the property to the schematic symbol.  Research Live and Hierarchical verification.


          I have used this in the past to

               Add height information to a design.

               Change 0402 resistors to 0603 resistors with new part numbers.


          If the schematic symbol doesn't require a change, this is a quick, reliable method to update a schematic.

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            you can try edit->replace symbol option


            select all the symbols which you want to replace to a new symbol and go to edit->replace symbol option and browse to your new symbol.


            for properties you can use dxdatabook which Gary has suugested.