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    Catia V6 ixf implementation


      Hello all,


      I'm an harness engineer who is responsible for designing pin to pin schematics (VeSys), 3d harness models (Catia V5), creating manufacturing drawings (Catia V5).


      From now on we are going to use Catia V6 (3dExperience) platform in our design.


      I have faced some problems.


      First step is creating wiring design, placing wires and connectors. After finishing my design, i export "ixf" file (x) for managing links in V5. If you open ixf file in a xml viewer you have smt. like below,







      Second step is designing my 3d harness model in Catia V5.


      I use this exported ixf file in Catia V5 Electrical Module for managing links. This is used for linking connectors in 3d model and Catia routes wires according to information in ixf file.


      Everything works great for Catia V5 but when i tried to follow the same steps in V6 i couldn't manage.


      File type is ixf for CATIAV5 (*.xml). I take a screen shot of all the other options, below.





      When i discussed this issue with Dassault Sys. they told me that in V6, there shouldn't be a "Reference Designator" information in the ixf file.


      (Catia V5, check instance name.)


      (Catia V6, instance name(title) is like UIDaf4381-....... what i need is like W39-P1)



      After all these explanations, i wonder if VeSys has a capability of exporting ixf file for Catia V6 needs.


      If VeSys doesn't have this kind of capability, does Mentor has a plan to update VeSys with this feature?


      Last solution for me is writing a code for manipulating ixf data for Catia V6 needs. (changing tns:Name with tns:Wire/Connector id)


      Waiting for your comments.


      Best regards.