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    Forward Annotation to replace existing parts in xPCB


      Hi all,

      I am using xPedition VX.1 with xPCB. In one of my design I had to change a set capacitors which have 201 package type. But when I try to forward annotate ,I get the following error all the time. I have tried all the options available in Project Integration toolbox in order to update the local library. But it wasn't successful.


      Error :     Cell Name 'CAPC1005_IS0402L' is not a valid cell for Part Number 'CAP-0201-X5R-100nF-10V-10%'.


      Thank you

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          I have had this problem as well with 7.9.1.

          Don't know if there is an automated method to sort it out (hopefully someone from Mentor can provide details if there is)

          The way I have resolved the problem, is within the schematic click on the properites of the part/symbol and it will list the cell name proporty. Just delete this value (leave the property).

          Then you will be able to package your design.


          Tip - When you do the project integraption within the pcb, click on additional options and un-select the Back annotate cell names to schematic option.


          This works in 7.9.1 so think it is about the same in VX.

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