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Altium to Expedition PCB 7.9.3 translator?

Question asked by margar19 on Jun 24, 2015



I am trying to import the layout of a file from Altium to Expedition PCB.

I am able to import the schematic from Altium to DxDesigner but I am trying to figure out if I can directly translate from Altium to Exp. PCB.


I am currently on the version Mentor Graphics Dx/Exp EE7.9.3.


I found a pdf (attached) that shows how to go from Altium to Dx/Expedition but you have to go through PADS. I currently have installed PADS Professional VX1.1.


I am not sure if the new PADS version will translate to the 7.9.3 Expedition since it is newer than Expedition.


Can I go around PADS or do I absolutely need it to get from Altium to Dx/Expedtion?


Any help is appreciated.