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    Cannot complete a trace with plane flooded


      Trying to draw a trace from one pin to another, same net, but it will not complete.  It resists attaching, giving "sketch must end near end of guide" in the output window.  Ctrl+click and selecting complete from the right-click drop-down menu do not work.  These two pins are encompassed in a net plane.  When the plane has been flooded, thermals show up, but a trace won't route.  When, the plane has not been flooded, it routes just fine.  What's going on here?


      Eric Powell

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          Are there multiple pins on the net?  It may be attempting to complete the route to a different pin then the one that you think is obvious. 


          You might try routing 95% of the way from pin #1 to pin #2, and then routing from pin #2 to finish the net.


          That is odd though.  I just routed across a poured plane and it works just fine.

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            I can't place a partial route either.


            I did notice that the route would place if I zoomed way out to tack it to the second pin.  A "target" symbol that appears at the crosshairs when the software feels you are centered over a valid pin, but sometimes it doesn't appear when you are zoomed in too closely and snapped to a grid.  When zoomed way out, I guess the target (the center of the pin) grows so that the trace doesn't actually have to be completely centered to find home.


            ... I explained that terribly.  Hopefully, you followed what I was saying.