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    PADS Translator Tool




      Does anyone know if the PADS professional VX 1.1 come with a PADS Translator from Altium to Expedition?


      I recently downloaded a 14-day license from PADS Professional Evaluation Download - Mentor Graphics .


      I tried looking for the Altium translator under the Translators folder but I only see:


      Allegro to PADS-Pro VX.1.1

      DA to xDx Translator VX.1.1

      DC to xDx Translator VX.1.1

      DLib to xDx TranslatorVX.1.1


      I am not sure if it was an installment issue~


      Any help is appreciated.

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          The Altium to xDX Designer translator is included in xDX Designer under File > Import...


          For Altium to Pads Professional PCB Layout Translations, it is also included and is a standalone command Alt2PE.exe located in the software install directory.


          All of these Migrations are explained in complete detail on Support Net on the Migrations page.




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            Hi Vern,

            Altium to xDx Designer translator translate only symbols not decals for library, doesn't it? What will we do to translate also decals, and finally create real central library contains symbol, decals, parts?


            Could you please provide address for migration page? I couldn't find it in Supportnet.


            Also I found Alt2PE.exe in 2 different location under installation. Which one should we use?






            Also there isn't any documentation under help etc. for Altium to PADS Pro Layout translation. And need document about how to integrate this translated layout to translated DxDesigner schematic and central library.


            Thanks for your answers.

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              From the PADS.com support page, you can search for Altium Translation. There are several links to the help pages for Altium Library Translation, and also schematic translation and layout.


              Alt2PE.exe should be used from the C:\MentorGraphics\PADSProVX.1.1\SDD_HOME\common\win32\bin location.


              When this command is run, it will translate the Layout and link it to the previously translated schematic and library using the Project file.




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                Hi Vern,

                yes support page has only The Altium to xDX Designer translator documentation. It only translates schematic and symbols. There isn't any resource for layout or decal library translation for Altium to PADS Professional.


                OK layout will be translated with Alt2PE.exe.


                But how will Altium library decals be translated to xDM Library Tools cells? I noticed Alt2Pads.exe in C:\MentorGraphics\PADSProVX.1.1\SDD_HOME\common\win32\bin. It is classical PADS library translator (PADS Standard). We can translate Altium decal library firstly to PADS Standard library with Alt2Pads.exe, after that convert it to PADS Pro Library using Central Library Migrator tool. It seems there isn't easier method.


                Thanks for your helps

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                  You are using the correct process. At this time, the Altium to PADS Professional translations are a multi-step process with data cleanup of the library items being required. This is normal though for translation, as there are often differences in the databases that need manual intervention after translation.


                  One note, the Alt2PE.exe does translate Decals within the PCB during the translation, but they are not placed into the Central Library.


                  I would suggest in any translation process, to start with the library, and make sure it is clean prior to translating any design databases. This gives you a better foundation for success.


                  Thanks, Vern

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                    Hi Gulin. Altium-to-PADS migration guides (for PADS Standard, Standard Plus, and Professional) are available from pads.com. Click here: Altium to PADS Migration - Mentor Graphics. Happy New Year!

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