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    Database Questions






      i have begun tinkering with Veysys and i find that some of the import options are "ACES" format and a few others that I never heard of.






      What isthe ACES format? I have searched and searched and cant find anything related to that format.



      Also what is the Veysys database ? Oracle? some kind of SQL?






      We have about 700 parts to import , but doing this one at a time seems insane.






      Any info or suggestions would be helpful






      Thanks  Tomm  



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          ACES was a format of database used by CADDS5 by Land Rover, MG Rover, Leyland Trucks and some of their Wire Harness suppliers.  It is a delimited text file format but the data it stores in limited compared to VeSys.  Do you have a sample of the data you want to import?  Sometimes importing data is actually slower that adding it in, although this seems a strange statement to make it is because importing data has a couple of downsides.   We did some work with one customer to import data, it turned out that there data was much more than a list of part numbers with descriptions what this meant is that every component needed to be manually checked and terminals/seals assigned after import.  It would have been quicker to manually enter the data as the 'Add similar' functionality could have been used to create whole families/ranges of connectors.


          1. There is no check on the quality of data being added, for example 2 connectors of the same family/type may have different terminals assigned.

          2. You will not be able to use the 'Add Similar' functionality, this is a fast way of duplicating components that are similar.


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            I should have pointed out that we've done a lot of work with the ACES format and understand it so we can theoretically convert data to ACES format in order to import into VeSys.



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              Thank you for the information. We have started to manually input the connectors into the database. its not tooo painful















              Tomm Thompson 



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                I'd recommend you start with the commonly used families/ranges of connectors because you can use the 'Add Similar' functionality to speedily create a whole group of connectors.  Also you kind of start in reverse order setting up Terminals, Seals and Additional Parts before you add a Connector...I'm sure you've already know this if you've done a few  :).



                One other approach is to put a few commonly used parts in the database then start creating harnesses, as you create your first harness you may need to add 90% of the parts to the database, on the second drawing this may drop to 60%, you'll find the quantity of new additions to the database rapidly decreases.



                Hope this helps.