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Where has my Connections Stream gone?

Question asked by Simon on Jun 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2015 by Simon

I have always followed a variety of topics using the Connection Stream. This used to be available by clicking on my name in the Community top-bar and from their I could navigate to my Connections Stream. It would show content from all the areas I follow in chronological order - very useful. However, today when I logged on, the menu under my 'name' looks different and I can't find my Connection Stream anywhere.


Has something changed? Can anyone tell me how to find that stream again?


UPDATE: It looks like this has been renamed from Activity to News. I found it by searching my history for a link to 'activity' which was re-directed to 'news'. So it can be found by typing "". However, I can't navigate here because I can't find 'News' on any menus.





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