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    DFF: Error: Layer Compare Error


      I have 2 different designs.

      The one I am currently working on I started from scratch. I have only started a couple from scratch in Pads.

      I have modified a lot of others using the same libraries and parts.

      I am using the same part on the new board as is on a different board. The board set up by our last layout guy does not have

      these errors but the new one does. I saw someone say that this error is commonly a display width minimum problem.


      I have set that minimum width to 0. I still have 81 of the same error on the board.

      Any ideas about what the cause is?


      Thank you in advance.


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          DFF is checking against the rules defined in the 'Setup' on the Verify Design dialog (right below the Start button).  You may have a clue there. 


          I don't remember if 'View Report' shows any additional information or not.  Try that.


          Don't forget that if you zoom out to the entire PCB area you might find more errors because (some of) the error check only checks what is visible on the screen so you don't get overwhelmed.  That is a feature of PADS that burns a lot of Newbies.

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            Got it! Thank you.

            There is a check box for "silkscreen over pads" minimum clearance; on the new layout it is checked, on the old one it is not.

            Checking that check box gives the same errors on the old layout.

            Will silkscreen on the pads cause manufacturing errors?

            I think the decals need to be corrected to clear the solder pads, is that correct?

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              Silkscreen on pads is bad; you can't solder silkscreen.  Correcting the decals is best.  Most fabs will offer the option to clear the silkscreen from the pads as required.